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March 01 2013

In light of the recent and ever more frequent Soup problems and others going there I may as well announce it especially: For anyone interested, I do have a Tumblr from where I currently import original and native [re]posts.

If you have one as well, especially if I already follow you here, feel free to let me know.
Tags: soliloquy

January 17 2013


True art reaches for your innermost core, grabs you by the intestines and never, ever lets go. To me, that is what art is all about.

[Sorry to sound so pretentious, but I really just had to say it.]

Tags: art soliloquy

December 13 2012


I think the hardest thing about veganism is considering it.

November 28 2012


Instead of saying, “Smile!”, why not ask a person why they are not smiling?

Tags: soliloquy

November 02 2012


There seem to be a few misconceptions about why I chose to aspire living vegan in the first place:

1. That I love non-human animals. Do I love them? Not more than humans, and I'm pretty much indifferent about most of them. Okay, maybe they piss me off a little more, but that's easy since it is more likely to gain knowledge of what they think and thus disagree. I don't even like human kids and still think that starving children and killing people are bad.

2. That I dislike the taste of meat or other animal products. I like it. Very much, in fact.

3. That I think not consuming animal products somehow makes me a perfect, flawless human being. Seriously?

4. That it actually means I somehow have no flaws anymore, or that I have to act morally and logically sound 100% of the time or otherwise I’m a hypocrite. While that is certainly my goal, I think it is quite unrealistic to ask that of someone [however, it doesn’t mean improper behaviour can’t be criticized]. But does the knowledge that complete moral integrity is impossible mean that ethics in general should be ditched? Do you also completely forget about orthography because you don’t know the spelling of every single word in $your_preferred_language? Do you quit learning something because you might never master it perfectly? Do you kill yourself because you’re not perfect, or made a mistake?

5. That I think it is impossible for me to cause harm to my environment in any way. I am well aware that I still have an impact on my surroundings. I just try to minimize it as much as possible. The fact that I can’t shrink it down to zero doesn’t mean that its size is of no importance. Do you push people around intentionally because sometimes, you can’t help but accidentally bump into them?

6. That I think it’s more healthy. In fact, I don’t know. I don’t even care. All I know is that it probably isn’t less healthy than an omnivorous diet - and that’s enough for me that health doesn’t count as a counter-argument in an ethical question.

7. That it’s a diet choice. Yeah, just like not eating humans is a diet choice [spoiler: I don’t kill humans even when I don’t plan to eat them].

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October 14 2012


I hate it when someone posts something really amazing as a quote.

Tags: soliloquy

October 11 2012


Mostly, when someone says “I’m no racist/sexist/homophobe/xenophobe, but…” it seems to me that what they want to say is “I’m gonna say something racist/sexist/…, but I don’t want you to think poorly of me for that.”

October 05 2012

I will never understand how so many people can be proud of being selfish and acting irresponsibly towards others.

July 04 2012


On Atheist Propaganda

Sorry I'm bashing religion on a relatively regular basis. I'm trying to respect people with believes, but sometimes it's just so darn funny I fail to resist.

[No, I'm not trying to undermine anyone's right to believe whatever they want. Really.]
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