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Thanks for the mentions, I'll be sure to check some of them out.

However, I noticed with the titles I do know, a lot of them feature only non-playable female characters [Silent Hill except SH3, BioShock Infinite, Half-Life 2, Last of us], or if they do, they are supporting characters [e.g. every Final Fantasy except VI, X-2 and XIII]. That, I think, is another problem with female inclusion, especially in games as there's an even huger difference between a main and a secondary character.

So, yes, there might be plenty of cool/non-stereotypical female characters, or at least moreso than a few years ago. I would probably agree, although I oftentimes seem to stumble upon rather bad examples. But not a lot of them are main characters.

And even when there are playable female characters, as in Left 4 Dead and Borderlands, they are often [probably not always] the minority, although I presume this has improved a bit [judging mostly from beat 'em ups... and not counting Dead or Alive, as this series seems to only exist in order to objectify and sexualise every female person].

I've only played Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2, but I did not gain the impression there was strong female representation. Meryl was little more than a love interest and object for protection. Sniper Wolf was not worse off than the male villains, but being so lonely she was a little bit of a token 'minority'. In the second part I mainly recall Rose, who's also more of a bad example. Olga, on the other hand, was probably okay iirc.

Unfortunately though, I have not yet played MGS3 and 4. Lagging a bit behind schedule...

As for MMOs, I do not know about most character editors, since I don't play MMOs. But it sounds good if there are lots of options. The only thing I ever see about MMOs is the ridiculous female armour of some of them [not all, I reckon].

Simply because the people you have encountered only created 'pretty'/thin characters in MMOs does not mean there is no need per se to diversify a cast shape-wise. First of all, in an MMO, most people will probably be more likely create a character that is similar to how they would like to look. Which is totally okay, I do the same. But does this mean every character should look the way I want to look?

Moreover, what we create as characters is partly shaping what people will want to look like, or will their characters want to look like etc. So not including characters that deviate a whole lot from the 'norm' might be self-perpetuating here. I.e. no variety in 'role models' or interesting characters will lead to people focusing more on the character types/shapes already presented in abundance.

Plus, not every character in a game is equal to an MMO avatar in not everyone of them is created to be me specifically. It's usually a protagonist with a personality of their own, so there will not be the direct identification I'll have with an MMO character [as in "my PC is fat/old/ugly, so this means I'm represented as a fat/old/ugly person" - it's more like "I'm playing as a fat/old/ugly person"... and for that to work, I don't necessarily need to want to be fat, old or ugly].

Yeah, Amaterasu is a wolf. A female one, sure, but still a wolf. I think most people do not think "female" [or "male"] first when they play as an animal, although I do admit that even most animal characters are female [Sonic, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Jazz Jackrabbit... okay, all of them rather old characters, but I honestly can't think of more recent ones]. Don't get me wrong - I still appreciate that she is female, yet I still think there's a slight difference between a human female and a she-wolf.

Why do you think the possibility to play as female [and have lesbian sex when playing female] was included for "political correctness"? Don't you think playing a female, or having the option of a homosexual romance [or whatever] is valid? As far as I'm informed, it's not even exclusive. The player gets to choose what they want, so how can this be mere "political correctness"? I would call it simply "fairness" to not force everyone to play a heterosexual male character.

Speaking of which, I've always wondered if you can have sex with a man in Mass Effect, too. Maybe you can enlighten me.

AC3 - Liberation actually looks pretty interesting! And it seems to be a good example.

Again, what's wrong with female characters in war games, unless they are set in a very strict historical context [even then, some armies had female soldiers before the 'western world' did]?

And while unnaturally huge or gravity-defying breasts are annoying in their own right, I think you can perfectly sexualise a woman with an average-size breast [presuming that C is average; I don't really know]. Sexualisation and objectification does not necessarily have to do with the size of the chest, or the built of the character in general.

But as I said, since I have not played the game in question, I'm not gonna make specific commentary on how it is carried out in this very case. I looked at a screenshot and didn't see any cleavage, anyway.

Fun fact about Remember me: "However, the fact that Nilin was a woman meant that when the game was shown to potential publishers, many were discouraged from backing the project, saying that a male character would sell better." [from Wikipedia, original source]

By the way, speaking of To the Moon... I really liked it. And despite the male character and consequently their relationship being a tad on the stereotypical side, I do think it's one of the better examples.

Overall, I will not say that things are not improving. Chances are, they do. But they're probably far from perfect, especially taking into account a lot of reactions you get from people if you suggest male:female proportions are a bit off or that you could have a [only] female player character.

After all, saying that something could be better doesn't mean that it has never been worse, or did not improve.

I hope I made myself a bit clearer if there were inaccuracies before.

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