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You're right. I think you didn't understand the actual point of the post.

It's not that videogames are 'only' for males. Quite the opposite. But oftentimes [not always], they are designed with only male consumers in mind and specifically cater to them [i.e. use stereotypically male-associated clichés as reasons for design decisions].

Some examples:
- mostly male player characters [unless they are custom]
- conscious decision to exclude female characters from covers, unless they are [overly] sexualised [see this post]
- stereotypical roles for female characters

This does in no way mean that the mechanics behind the games cannot be enjoyed by girls & women. It means that developers sometimes consciously erase female consumers by disregarding or ignoring them or thinking of their target audience as exclusively male [which is most often not true].

P.S. Why is it relevant to mention you never thought about this, "being a girl"? I don't think this makes being oblivious to the situation more valid.

P.P.S. I don't think UT is a very bad example, by the way. In fact, compared to other games, it's very good in terms of being not completely ignorant about female persons. But then again, it mostly doesn't have a story and you can choose your player character.

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